Creators… Build Brand Ownership!

As a content creator, building your brand and turning content creation into a full-time job is crucial. One of the best ways to achieve this is by having your own branded website.

Without a website, you rely on social platforms like Twitter, Twitch, Instagram, or YouTube to showcase your brand. However, by investing in yourself and owning your content delivery platform, you can build brand ownership, have a centralized hub for all your content, and protect your revenue.

Brand ownership is critical as it relates to Google search results. When you have your website, you can control your brand keyword, which can be a game-changer for your online presence. A website helps you build a brand content hub where you can consolidate all of your content, including embedded streaming, custom chat, VOD, social posts, notifications, email notifications, and desktop notifications.

One of the benefits of having a branded website is future revenue protection. If your Twitch channel gets hit with a permaban, it could negatively impact your revenue. However, if you have already conditioned your fans to view your content on your website, it will be a manageable hit. You can embed another stream into your website, and your fans will still have access to your content.

Another advantage of owning your website is new revenue opportunities. You can monetize your website using Google AdSense. If you have a total social footprint of 100,000 fans and 1,000 CCV when you stream, you could earn an extra $28,000+ per year.

Partnerships are also possible with a branded website. You can have site takeovers, pixel, site subscriptions, site donations, and many other options to generate revenue.

Having a user and their email address is extremely valuable in gaming and esports. An email address is worth $10 or more to marketers, and having multiple ways to stay in contact with your fans is essential.

These are just a few reasons why content creators should invest in themselves and build their brand equity by having a quality website they own. If you need help making your website, you can contact numerous companies that can help, or you can look to AI to help you create the perfect site.


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